Singing is fun! Well, I think so at least. I’m always wandering around the house singing to my favourite tunes. More often than not this happens to be within the musical theatre genre as I’m forever practising for my next upcoming performance. However, I’m not the only one who loves singing…children, especially young preschool children, love to sing and dance around to music.

There are so many different types of music that we all listen to, and they tend affect us all in different ways. How we each interpret songs can either make us happy or sad, even reminiscent or fired-up! Songs have the power to hold memories, and that includes singing to our little ones.

As well as creating fun-filled moments, maybe we can use music and songs to help children in others ways too?


Developing Communication Skills

That’s right! Singing songs, particularly repetitive nursery rhymes, can have a big impact on a child’s...

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Developmental Language Disorder - Crushing the Myths!

What is DLD?

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)…one of the most common conditions in children…and one of the most poorly recognised and understood! In fact, about 2 children in every class struggle with DLD, and which can significantly hinder academic performance if not addressed. They are often the quite, smiley children who tend to slip under the radar in busy, hectic classrooms.

So what is DLD? It is a diagnosis given to children who have great difficulties acquiring the complexities of language. Children with DLD have difficulty understanding what other people are saying and/or struggle to express themselves through spoken language. You may know some children who have DLD, or who may have a diagnosis of SLI (Specific Language Impairment) – this is the old term and is no longer used. Instead, all children with difficulty understanding and/or using spoken language, that is not linked to any other condition (e.g. Downs Syndrome, Autism, Sensorineural hearing...

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Developmental Language Disorder - How can I help?

What is DLD?

You probably know that most children are able to understand and use language within the first 5 years of their life – this is the critical period where an awful lot of learning takes place for our little ones…especially when it comes to developing communication skills. Children then go on to consolidate these new skills throughout their life. Learning and developing their language skills is known as language acquisition.

Most children have no problem acquiring language, and are able to do this successfully without any specific teaching. They seem to effortlessly ‘soak up’ all the wonderful words they hear around them and begin to learn how to understand and use those words to communicate. However, around 7% of children have significant difficulty when it comes to developing those all-important core language skills. That’s quite a lot of children…around 2 children in every class! These little ones have what’s known today as...

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Take care of your VOICE

How to maintain a good voice

Have you ever experienced what it's like to lose your voice? If so, you know that it makes simple things, such as chatting to your best mate, a bit more challenging. Let alone if you rely on your voice for work!

So...what can we do to always make sure that our voice is in tip-top condition?



There is an important thin layer of lubricating mucus around our vocal folds (aka: vocal cords) that helps keep our voice functioning properly. When you don't drink enough water, this layer becomes thick and sticky and the vocal folds may become dryer and stiffer which can make them more vulnerable to damage if misused. Sticky mucus can also lead to irritation making you cough or clear your throat often...which may cause further damage! TOP TIP: Try to drink at least 8 cups of water a day! I'm afraid tea and coffee have a diuretic effect which means that valuable water content ends up being flushed away!


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