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Hi, I'm Lucy Colcombe.

I am an independent Speech and Language Therapist with over 15 years experience in the assessment and treatment of both children and adults with a range of communication needs. I have worked in the NHS and private settings around the UK.

Since 2020, at a time when in-person appointments were more challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic, I set-up an online practice with the aim of continuing to support my clients in the comfort of their own home. I realised that I could effectively deliver the same high-quality, evidence-based assessments and treatments via online teletherapy as I did in-person. In fact, many of my favourite assessments and therapy tools were also accessible in a professional online format.

Both myself and my clients very quickly discovered the benefits of delivering assessment and therapy sessions online. Both my online practice and my research confirmed the rapidly growing, strong evidence base of the effectiveness of delivering Speech and Language Therapy services to a wide range of children and adults with communication difficulties via online teletherapy. In my practice, my clients were seeing the same (or better in some cases!) results from their online therapy treatment than when treatment was delivered in-person. Even clients who were initially sceptical of trying online therapy sessions now intentionally choose to continue seeing me online for their weekly therapy sessions due to the communication progress and benefits they have seen. As well as therapy progress, clients also love the freedom and convenience in choosing and managing their own appointments, as well as the savings they make in both time and money from not having to worry about travel and the associated costs, which can add up over time.

In light of this...

'Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy' now specialises in delivering easily accessible online Speech and Language Therapy to children and adults who are in need of communication support. This has also allowed specialist services to be delivered quickly and efficiently to people who may find it more difficult to access in-person therapy support in their local area.

Of course, not everyone will find online therapy support suitable for their individual needs. In these circumstances, I run in-person 'assessment days' at one of my clinics in Devon and South Wales. 

If you wish to discover more about the services offered, including gaining access to my booking calendar and fees, please sign-up for a FREE membership here.    

I hope to support you soon.


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