After many years of providing limited therapy support within restricted funding-driven organisations, Lucy decided to boldly act and devoted all her time into developing an outstanding, needs-driven service to all those who were desperately reaching-out for additional support and care. Lucy takes pride in being able to consistently serve at the highest standard through diligently keeping up to date with the most current evidence-based research in the specialist fields of communication.

Lucy's company, LRC Speech Therapy, provides therapy services and products to anyone who requires an exceptional level of provision to overcome any communication barrier. To meet client demand and maintain optimal service standards, Lucy is now able to serve thousands more people through the on-going development of her online services and products, and through numerous social media platforms in which Lucy's knowledge and content is regularly shared for free!

Lucy visits many one-to-one clients throughout each week, providing detailed assessments, reports and therapy, including specialist training. These services are in high demand and people are advised not to delay contacting if they would like an appointment [[email protected]]. With unavoidable time limitations and sometimes difficulties with travel, Lucy understands the importance of providing easily accessible services for all by traveling to meet her clients at their preferred location, e.g. homes, hospitals, schools, or colleges.

Lucy has specialist experience and knowledge in the areas of: -

- Speech Sound Delay/Disorder
- Language Delay/Disorder
- Stammering
- low-high tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) aids
- social interaction difficulties
- Voice disorder
- Selective Mutism

Including communication difficulties associated with diagnoses, such as, but not limited to: -

- Learning Disability
- Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)
- Asperger's Syndrome
- Down's Syndrome


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