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Speech and Language Screening Assessment

Book a screening assessment if you are unsure whether there is any speech, language, or communication difficulty that may require a more detailed assessment.

Please note: Depending on individual needs; further in-depth assessment may be required following the screening assessment.

Ages: all ages

Suitable for anyone with communication concerns, and ideal for parents of young children who may be concerned about their child's speech or language developmental milestones.

-    60 minute informal assessment, observation and discussion
-    Summary letter with recommendations (via email)

In-depth Assessment Session

An In-depth Assessment Session consists of one detailed and highly comprehensive assessment session in a focused area of concern.

-    60 minute in-depth assessment session
-    Detailed analysis of assessment results
-    Summary report (via email) [following your final assessment session]

N.B. If a full, detailed written assessment and recommendations report is required (e.g. for an 'Education, Health and Care Plan' EHCP), please purchase this report separately at the time of booking your assessment sessions.


How many 'In-depth Assessment Sessions' do I need to book?

For the majority of people, one in-depth assessment session may be all that is required before therapy treatment can begin.

For example, one in-depth assessment session can assess and diagnose:

  • Speech Sound Delay/Disorder
  • Stammer
  • Voice Disorder
  • Eating & drinking difficulties (Dysphagia) [basic assessment and general guidance only]
  • Core Language Skills 
  • Selective Mutism

If the assessment concludes a diagnosis of disorder (e.g. Developmental Language Disorder), or identifies more complex issues requiring further, more detailed assessment (e.g. possible Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia) then an additional 'In-depth Assessment Session' will need to be carried out before therapy treatment can begin. Depending on other additional communication needs that require more detailed assessment (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Complex Selective Mutism, and Aphasia assessment), a further one or two 'In-depth Assessment Sessions' may need to be carried out before therapy intervention begins, i.e. a maximum of 3 separate 'In-depth Assessment Sessions' in total. Parents and other key people may also be required to contribute to the assessment process by filling out forms and providing additional information when necessary. A summary assessment report is written following the final assessment session.

These assessment sessions are suitable for all ages.

Therapy Session

An individualised therapy session based on the outcomes of your assessment and your identified personal communication goals.

Ages: all ages

-    50 minute therapy session

What to expect for parents/carers/teachers:
-    35-40 minutes direct therapy input with client
-    10-15 minutes feedback and therapy intervention recommendations to parent/carer/teacher to continue supporting the client until their next session


As with assessment, all therapy sessions are offered online via teletherapy or in-person and are often delivered directly by Lucy Colcombe, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. 

Please book any therapy sessions after you have received advice and recommendations from the therapist following your assessment. When possible, therapy recommendations will include the frequency of therapy sessions (e.g. how many sessions per week)  and possibly the estimated duration of therapy intervention based on your assessment results and the relevant evidence-based practice to treat your individual needs. You are able to book a block of therapy sessions in a single booking as needed.


If you have been assessed by another Speech and Language Therapist within the last 6 months, Lucy Colcombe will require you to share a professional assessment report written by the same therapist prior to any therapy sessions commencing. Depending on the details of the report, the therapist may advise further in-depth assessment to be carried out prior to starting therapy sessions. Please contact the therapist before booking any therapy sessions if necessary.

As well as contacting the therapist before booking your sessions, you will also be able to easily and securely share reports and documents following your therapy booking if not already done so via email.

Therapy Coaching Session

Therapy coaching provides indirect therapy support for carers, using specialist evidence-based therapy guidance and training for people who care for someone with a communication need.

Online coaching sessions can be a highly effective supplement or alternative to in-person or online therapy sessions.

Suitable for:
- parents of children of all ages (particularly the very young, and other children in which direct, online therapy sessions may be unsuitable)
- teachers/teaching assistants
- carers

Client Age: For people wishing to support the communication of individuals of any age