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Teletherapy...what's it all about?

Speech and Language Teletherapy is an innovative service delivery model that has been part of a Speech and Language Therapist’s practice for many years. Speech and Language Therapists are trained to select and adapt activities that most appropriately support each client’s individual therapy goals, and providing services online via teletherapy is no exception!

Following the government's crucial social distancing guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Speech and Language Therapist's worldwide have been considering other ways to continue supporting their clients. Now that government restrictions have ceased here in the UK, 'Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy' has decided to continue teletherapy services indefinitely as the therapy effectiveness and efficiency were too great to ignore.

Lucy continues to deliver the absolute best Speech and Language Therapy services which demand only the highest standards. The diligent preparation and attention to detail in all services and products delivered by Lucy continues to prove the effectiveness of Speech and Language Therapy delivered online.

Client's continue to agree that online sessions exceed their expectations.



"Five star rating all round!"

"Extremely happy with Lucy's teletherapy sessions and we will definitely be continuing each week."

Mum of 8 yr old girl

"Lucy is fantastic and these sessions are great!"

"We will definitely be continuing with them each week."

Mum of young adult with communication difficulties

"My child performed better than she does during face to face sessions!"

"My daughter had been quite unsettled due to many changes to her routine before the session but Lucy was able to engage her and keep her calm throughout.

By the end of the session my daughter was very happy, having really enjoyed the fun activities whilst producing some very good sentences etc."

Mum of young adult with severe autism and hearing impairment

"Using Zoom is as good as having Lucy physically with us"

"I am very pleased that Lucy can continue to help my husband during the Coronavirus lockdown.

I had reservations about using Zoom because on so many occasions on other forms of communication, screens have frozen or disappeared. I was greatly relieved to see that the sessions with Lucy have been straightforward.

I have to say that using Zoom is as good as having Lucy physically with us.

Thank you very much!"

Wife of adult with Aphasia

"Very professional"

"So glad we have been able to continue speech & language therapy while we're in lockdown, it was very professional and J, my 5 year old, found it fun and enjoyable...thanks for making such a difference in our journey with J's speech"

Mum of 5 yr old boy

"Just as effective as face-to-face"

"I was very pleased to see that the resources used were just as effective on Zoom as they are face-to-face."

Wife of adult with Aphasia

"It was as if Lucy was there in person"

"The picture was very clear and the connection was good too. It was as if Lucy was there in person."

Mum of young adult with severe hearing impairment

"Clear and encouraging"

"As always, Lucy was very clear with all instructions and very encouraging with my husband."

Wife of adult with Aphasia

"Very easy"

"I'm not great with technology but Lucy was there to take me through the set up which was actually very easy when I knew what do."

Mum of young adult with severe autism and hearing impairment

"Extremely professional"

"Lucy is extremely professional and very patient and calm, as well as being upbeat and cheerful throughout. Her voice is clear and paced just right."

Mum of young adult with severe autism

"My daughter has a severe hearing impairment"

My daughter has a severe hearing impairment and uses two hearing aids but she was still able to hear Lucy very clearly throughout.

Mum of young adult with severe autism

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session"

"The resources used were bright and colourful and also good fun as well as meeting speech therapy targets very well."

Mum of young adult with hearing and visual impairment

"Patient and helpful"

"Lucy could not have been more patient and helpful and her instructions were very clear and easy to follow."

Mum of young adult with severe autism, sight and hearing impairment

"Greatly reassured!"

"I was greatly reassured when we had our first appointment. I have zero tolerance for tech problems, and luckily Lucy had thought of every possible issue!"

Wife of client with Aphasia

It's your turn!

Will I see you soon?

YES... count me in!

 This sounds awesome!

So what else do I need to know?

Good question...let's look at the hard evidence.

Telepractice is a ‘tool’ that Speech and Language Therapists use. The evidence has shown that a therapist’s knowledge around the current research and evidence-based practice for treating specific communication difficulties is much more important than ‘how’ the therapy is delivered.

As clients have discovered themselves...there is also strong clinical research evidence showing that teletherapy:

  • Is equivalent to in-person treatment
  • Communication outcomes are similar
  • Is significantly better than no-treatment conditions


Does this apply to both adult clients as well as children?

YES! There is particularly a lot of strong evidence around teletherapy for adult clients. The evidence shows:

  • Clients are satisfied with the teletherapy (as if you haven't already figured this out by the testimonies above!)
  • Also...teletherapy is highly efficient and cost effective (no more paying for miles of traveling for just one appointment...we can all do without that hassle!)


That sounds great...but I'm a parent of a 2 year old

GREAT! Teletherapy is for you matter how old your child is or their capability in accessing or interacting online.

There is a surprising amount of evidence in specifically supporting 'parent-coaching' via teletherapy (this means that a therapist would coach the parent to support their child's therapy - after all, a therapist is already expertly trained to do this).

Teletherapy outcomes are often greater than in-person therapy due to better parent participation in therapy sessions and the direct feedback delivered by the therapist during activities. Therapists also have the opportunity to model to parents how to use different apps and online resources to encourage their child’s communication skills. A win-win scenario!


 What about doing an assessment online?

No problem!

There is also research evidence to support speech and language assessments to be carried out via telepractice, and it is becoming more accessible for therapists to access online forms of assessments, which have personally made my life a little easier...and again...not only is carrying out assessments online successful, but much more efficient for everyone!


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