Book a therapy session if you have already had an assessment within the last 12 months.

After an assessment, your Speech and Language Therapist may have recommended therapy sessions. This may have included the session length, frequency and possibly the estimated duration of therapy intervention based on your assessment results and the relevant evidence-based practice to treat you individual needs.

Therapy sessions from 'Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy' are tailored to the individual requiring treatment, and all therapy session recommendations are, preferrably, directly based on the outcome of the assessment carried out by Speech and Language Therapist, Lucy Colcombe.

If you have recently been assessed by another Speech and Language Therapist, Lucy Colcombe will require you to share a professional assessment report written by the same therapist prior to your therapy session commencing.

You will be able to easily and securely share reports and documents following your therapy booking.

Ages: all ages

Therapy session options:

50 minute therapy session
35 minute therapy session

All therapy sessions are online via teletherapy.

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If you are unsure whether you need an assessment session prior to booking your therapy session, or you would like some advice on the type and frequency of your sessions in which to book, please feel free to contact Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy